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Vocabulary: Baked goods in Finnish and Estonian

Today’s blog post will take us to North-Eastern Europe again, namely to Finland Suomi and Estonia Eesti, and to their closely related languages. We will continue our series on comparative vocabulary by looking at the words for some baked goods. 🙂

baked goods finEston

Vegetables in Finnish and Hungarian

veg 1 fin veg 2 fin

Today´s post is about the words for some vegetables in Finnish and Hungarian – a nice topic for spring and the upcoming gardening season 🙂 . Both Finnish and Hungarian are some of the languages I plan to focus more seriously on this year, so this is just the beginning of posts featuring these two languages.

Here are the words for some vegetables in Hungarian:

veg 1 magyveg 2 magy

Even though both languages belong to the same Finno-Ugric language family, they actually have virtually nothing in common as far as vocabulary is concerned and are mutually totally unintelligible. The only similarities that they do have is in the way the grammar is constructed and that both languages depend heavily on endings and case inflection.

Finnish survival phrases !


Hei!     Hello!

Moi!     Hi!

Mitä kuuluu?      How are you?

Näkemiin!        Bye-bye!

Kiitos!        Thank you!

Paljon kiitoksia!      Thank you very much!

Ole hyvä!      You are welcome!

Anteeksi!     I’m sorry!

Hyvä on!     OK!

Loistava!       Great!

Onnea!       Good luck!

Minun nimeni on…     My name is….

Mikä sinun nimesi on?        What’s your name?

Hauska tavata.        Nice to meet you.

Ymmärrätkö?     Do you understand?

En ymmärrä.    I don’t understand.

Kyllä.     Yes.

Et.       No.

Apua!        Help!

Puhutteko englantia?     Do you speak English?

En puhu paljoakaan suomea.    I don’t speak much Finnish.