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Greek: Shopping vocabulary

Today’s blog post will take us to South Eastern Europe, namely to Greece, and to some vocabulary around the theme of shopping.

Hebrew vocabulary: Rosh Hashana

This week’s blog post is taking us to Israel and to the Jewish diaspora again and we are going to look at the vocabulary related to the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana ראש השנה, which was celebrated this week, and the foods that are usually eaten on this holiday (these vary depending on the country of origin).


Vocabulary: Baked goods in Finnish and Estonian

Today’s blog post will take us to North-Eastern Europe again, namely to Finland Suomi and Estonia Eesti, and to their closely related languages. We will continue our series on comparative vocabulary by looking at the words for some baked goods. 🙂

baked goods finEston

Vocabulary: ‘traveling’ in Bulgarian and Romanian

Today’s blog post is going to take us to South Eastern Europe again, namely to Bulgaria and Romania. Since the traveling and holiday season is about to start for many people, we will look at some travel-related vocabulary in Romanian and Bulgarian. Romanian is a Romance language, of course, while Bulgarian is a Slavonic language, so the two are not related.

roman travel

bulg travel