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Survival vocabulary in Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian


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Today’s blog post is taking us to North-Eastern Europe again, namely to the 3 Baltic countries (Estonian: Balti riigid, Baltimaad, Latvian: Baltijas valstis, Lithuanian: Baltijos valstybės) Estonia Eesti, Latvia Latvija and Lithuania Lietuva and to their respective languages. Estonian belongs to the Balto-Finnic branch of the Uralic languages, whereas Latvian and Lithuanian belong to the Baltic language group of the Indo-European languages.

Survival vocabulary in Latvian

Sveiks (said to a male)/Sveika (said to a female) = Hello

Labdien = Good day/afternoon, hello

Uz redzēšanos! = goodbye!

/ = yes / no

Paldies = Thank you

Lūdzu = please; you are welcome

Vai jūs runājat latviski/angliski? = Do you speak Latvian/English?

Atvainojiet = excuse me

Piedodiet = sorry, I apologize

Kā jums klājas? = How are you?

Labi, paldies = fine, thank you

Kā jūs sauc? = What is your name?

Mani sauc… = My name is…

Prieks iepazīties! = Nice to meet you!

No kurienes jūs esat? = Where are you from?

Es esmu no… = I am from…


Survival vocabulary in Lithuanian

Labas/ sveiki = hello

Laba diena = good day (‘good afternoon’)

Sudie = goodbye

Taip/ ne = yes, no

Ačiū!/Dėkoju! = Thank you

Prašom! = please; you are welcome; here you are; don’t mention it

Ar jūs kalbate angliškai? = Do you speak English?

Aš nesuprantu = I don’t understand

Kaip gyvuojate? = How are you?

Man viskas gerai = I am fine

Kaip jūsų vardas? = What is your name?

Mano vardas yra… = My name is…

Malonu = nice to meet you

Atsiprašau = excuse me

Atleiskite = sorry

Iš kur jūs esate? = Where are you from?

Aš esu iš… = I am from…

Author: Hajotthu, via Wikipedia Commons City wall of Tallinn/linnamüüri Tallinna

Author: Hajotthu, via Wikipedia Commons
City wall of Tallinn/linnamüüri Tallinna

Survival vocabulary in Estonian

Tere = hello

Head aega = goodbye

Jah/ei = yes/no

Vabandage = excuse me; sorry

Aitäh/tänän = thank you

Palun = you are welcome; please

Kas te räägite eesti/inglise keelt? = do you speak Estonian/English?

Kust te pärit olete? = where are you from?

Mis te nimi on? = What is your name?

Minu nimi on…/Ma olen… = My name is…/I am…

Väga meeldiv = nice to meet you

Kuidas läheb? = how are you?

Hästi = fine

Arabic survival phrases


Today’s blog post is taking us to the Middle East and Africa, namely to the Arabic-speaking world. If you live in Europe, chances are high that you will sooner or later come across some refugees from Syria, Iraq or other Arabic-speaking countries in the next few months with whom you might want to exchange some pleasantries. 🙂

Here are some basic phrases to get your conversation started:

Hello! = أهلا  Ahlan!

Thank you = شكرا shukran

Goodbye! = ma’a s-salaamah مع السلامة

Good morning! = sabah alkhair صباح الخير

Good afternoon/evening = masa-a alkhair مساء الخير

How are you? = Kayf halik (said to a man)/kayf halich (said to a woman)كيف حالك؟

I’m fine = Alhamdullilah (lit. ‘thanks to God’) الحمد لله

And you? = wa inta (said to a man)/ wa inti (said to a woman)  و أنت

Where are you from? = Inta min wain (said to a man)/ inti min wain  (said to a woman)  أنت من أين؟
I am from….. = ana min….. انا من

What’s your name? = ma ismak (said to a man)/ ma ismich (said to a woman) ما اسمك
My name is…. = Ismih…. اسمي